DAY 1 - Plenary Session

Plenary Session Reflection
                 The Session 1, Importance of water - Dirty and Clean, has gotten me to understand the necessity of the water and why there is a demand for pure water all around world. Pollution is main factor for this demand and such pollutions cause other negative problems like smell, infectious diseases, chronic health risks, environment degradation and other social and economical impacts.  One of the examples of water pollutants is bacteria. Microbes, which are micro-organisms, are used to remove pollutants from polluted water.

                 The Session 2, Revolution of Microelectronics Technology, has made the realize the necessity for microchip technology around the world today. It stressed on the idea that as technology advances, the product gets more compatible and thus needs more microchips to replace the big and heavy items. Another part of the session is about Integrated Circuits which includes Bio, Radio, Audio, Info, Nano, H2O, Audio, Video, Energy.

                  The Session 3, Innovative breakthrough in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology, has given me the idea of how nano-tech can be useful in various types of studies. Nano-particles are smaller in size and thus has a larger surface are as compared to the volume and thus are more stronger. Nano-technology is used in biology like detecting cancerous tumor when there are only a few cells small. It can also be used for shield and protection in wars.

                 The Session 4, IT for Animation, has gotten me to understand the different methods of making animation used around the world. One of them is Stop-motion, where various images are being captured of a figure and join them continuously to make stop-motion animation. Another one is 2D Animation where images of all the actions of the character are drawn by hand. The last one is 3D Animation were computers are used to make the figures and an able them to move.

                 The Session 5, Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and why gravity is even more important that you think, has thought me about how the world changes as glaciers melt. It has also thought me that sea-level rise will not be the same everywhere. It also thought me on other fields like climate changes.

Deepest impression
                 The Plenary session has left me the deepest impression that all topics on science are connected to one and another in order to make a better living condition.

DAY 3 - My Personal Reflection
                 I chose this project because of my interest and some basic background knowledge I had on the field of electronics and engineering. 

                 As a member of the group, I contributed in the different parts of the group work like conduction the experiment, post informations on the blog, preparing the presentation, etc. 

                 In the last two days, we did not have sufficient time to completes both our individual reflections and the group works. We also could not meet up after the main sessions. We split the work such that me and my roommate can do the part. 

                 Thought this project, we discovered and gained knowledge on the field of electronics and engineering, like circuits, resistors, etc. 

                 As an individual, other than the main subject, I have leaned how the life of the university will feel like and how the students interact with the teachers/professors and how the professors conduct his/her lessons. 

                 My aspiration after this project is to lean and gain more knowledge about electronics and engineering and move along this field of studies if were to have a chance.